About the artist

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1981. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember having a pencil or crayons in my hand. Drawing was always an escape for me. I would catapult myself into an imaginary world where limitations did not exist. My love for drawing turned into a passion for painting in my mid 20’s. I spent some time living in New Orleans where I would spend many days wandering through galleries admiring the works of other artists. I remember the way it felt to see art in person. It reminded me of hearing a really good song for the first time. It takes over your body, and makes you feel emotions you have never experienced. Seeing art was like that for me. I wanted to give that feeling to others through my creations. So I dedicated my life to teaching myself how to paint. I moved back to Tennessee in 2013. I began to see things in a different light. Experiencing four seasons for the first time ignited a strong desire to interpret the way Mother Nature made me feel. I began painting those feelings on canvas. The successes and failures of being self taught led me to my signature style of painting.

I am deeply inspired by classic artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. They have very much influenced my style of painting with their textured and impressionistic expressions. In my collection of work you will find lush landscapes, blossoming trees, blooming flowers, songbirds, and animals. I use a combination of brushes and palette knives to apply paint to the canvas. I work exclusively with oil paint as it resonates deeply with me.

When I am not painting, I am spending time with my three sons, husband, and three dogs. I enjoy mediation, yoga, long walks, and exploring the beauty of Tennessee.



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