Emily Newman was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1981. She resided in Florida and Louisiana before returning to Tennessee, her native state. Emily’s interest in music and art started early at the age of two. She plays piano, guitar, sings, and has a love for photography, but the brush prevailed in the end. She focuses primarily with oils on canvas and uses a combination of brushstrokes and palette knives achieving a textured, abstract expression that is uniquely her own. She paints a wide variety of subjects such as landscapes, blossoms, birch trees, Appalachian songbirds, and skylines of her favorite cities. Recently she has painted structures in the wilderness such as barns, chapels, and abandoned automobiles. Emily is always involved in the art communities of where she lives. When residing in New Orleans she was the winner of the 2011 “Save the Cemeteries” international photography competition, an event that raises the awareness of blighted cemeteries around the world. In 2019, she began working with Cityscape, a non-profit organization to paint “Cream City,” a historical structure in Cookeville, Tennessee. The painting provided the imagery for a fundraiser dedicated to the preservation of that historical landmark.  She continues to work with Cityscape to provide more images in regards to the preservation of the historic area of Cookeville, Tennessee. She is currently the host of “The Scene,” a radio show that broadcasts every Sunday morning at 9 o’clock on lite rock 95.9 FM promoting the discovery of artists from the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

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