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    Emily Newman Fine Art


    Emily Newman, a self-taught artist based in Tennessee, has passionately painted since her early childhood. With 15 years of showcasing and selling art both online and in person, Emily's distinctive style blends brush and palette techniques. Using a limited palette of primary colors, she meticulously hand-mixes her personalized hues to achieve perfection.
    In her creative process, Emily strives to express happiness and tranquility on canvas through vibrant colors, rich textures, and dimensional layers. Starting with a limited palette, she crafts an underpainting, mapping out the composition and introducing layers to establish the foundation. The core involves shaping layers with a palette knife, oscillating between dark and light, cool and warm hues until achieving a harmonious balance. She completes each painting with a high gloss varnish, enhancing the colors, adding a glistening effect, and providing a protective layer against environmental elements.
    Her collection weaves lush landscapes, captivating waterscapes, blossoming trees, vibrant flowers, songbirds, and enchanting forest creatures—reflecting a deep reverence for nature. Emily's art aims to bring the essence of nature into your space, inviting you to feel the peacefulness within each artwork. With a commitment to showcasing the beauty and tranquility of the natural world, Emily Newman's paintings resonate with a unique blend of color, texture, and harmony. 
    When not immersed in her art, Emily explores the beauty of Tennessee, enjoying moments with her husband, three sons, three dogs, and her pig, Iris.