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    Emily Newman Fine Art


    From the moment I held a pencil or crayon as a young girl, I embarked on a journey of creating imaginary worlds on paper. This love for drawing blossomed into a fervent passion for painting in my mid-20s, where I embraced the process of self-teaching, guided by both triumphs and setbacks, to develop my own distinctive style. Each painting I undertake is initiated by a profound feeling, often inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature. Whether it's the gentle caress of the wind or the mesmerizing play of sunlight on a mountain stream, I shoulder the responsibility of translating these emotions onto canvas. Drawing from my own photographs, personal experiences, and boundless imagination, I immerse myself in the captivating beauty of Tennessee, my cherished home. With each season, a new wellspring of inspiration awaits just beyond my doorstep. Working with a limited palette comprising of phthalo blue, ultramarine blue, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, and titanium white, I meticulously mix and craft each color for every painting. Layers of paint bring depth and dimension to my creations, starting with brushes and transitioning to the expressive strokes of the palette knife. Oil paint is my chosen medium, allowing me to capture the textured and impressionistic expressions that have been profoundly influenced by legendary artists like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Within my collection, you will discover a tapestry of lush landscapes, captivating waterscapes, blossoming trees, vibrant flowers, melodious songbirds, and enchanting forest creatures. These artworks reflect my reverence for nature's exquisite creations. When I am not indulging my artistic endeavors or exploring the natural wonders around me, I find solace and joy in the company of my three sons, loving husband, three dogs, and my cherished mini pig, Iris. Thank you for joining me on this artistic odyssey, where imagination intertwines with the beauty of the world, offering glimpses of wonder and emotions that resonate deeply.